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Since his rookie season Newton has been voted to the pro bowl 3 times, has made the Carolina Panthers a 3 straight time NFC south divisional champion and has made it clear that he is one of the NFL’s elite Quarterbacks and all around players. Cam Newton is a weapon that has silenced the critics at every turn and has his team in the Super Bowl with a chance to lift his franchise to heights it's never seen before.


Going from one big question mark to the Possible NFL MVP and being the opposing QB in a Superbowl to the great Peyton Manning. Cam Newton has shown that its hard but it is entirely possible to change the PUNCTUATION and the minds of an entire industry.


Feb. 3, 2016


Written by: Robert L. Porter Jr.


The tone on Cam Newton has drastically changed since his heisman trophy season at Auburn and subsequent announcement to enter the NFL draft.


There were far more questions than answers regarding the 1-year starter as he left college. The national media wondered if he could translate his god given abilities from a one read and run offense to the NFL and all of its complexities. When the Panthers selected him #1 overall in the 2011 draft the dominant phrase was.





Since the Panthers made the decision to have Cam Newton lead their team, the evolution of his game and growth of him as a leader has been constant. His Accuracy, Football IQ, and all around maturity where huge questions.


Newton won rookie of the year and had the most prolific rookie season of any passer in NFL history up to that point (4,051 pass yards 21 TDs 17 INTs 84.5 pass rating, 706 rush yards 14 TDs). After that season the question was moved to his turnovers. He had a total of 19 turnovers in his rookie year (17 INTs 2 Lost Fum). Since the he hasn’t come close to 19 turnovers in a season again. Slowly the phrase has changed to.

Photo From: Instagram