Oct. 6, 2015


Chicago native Lil Bibby, shares past experience with police during an interview with ValdTV. Lil Bibby states, you have to show a level of respect to police in order for things to transform from the negative state we are in.  The relationship between neighborhood residence and police has reached an all time low, hopefully Lil Bibby’s insite will offer some type of understanding to help the change both residence and police are looking for.


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During a recently published interview with VladTV, the Chicago artist revealed that in the past, he has received a little “slack” from the police as he showed them a level of respect, the same, however, cannot be said about some of his associates. “The police, they get me some slack, man, because I know how to talk,” Lil Bibby says. “My homies, they just come off disrespectful though.


The police, they mess with us for no reason but my homies, they be disrespectful. I think if you know how to speak to an officer, they’ll cut you a little slack or at least they’ll respect you a little bit more. If you come off disrespectful—the officers, they be broke as fuck, man. They ain’t really get paid no money. We walking around with big-ass nuts in our pockets [and] officers be pissed off about that, man.

They get paid close to minimum wage and they gotta drive around in a hot-ass car—they be pissed off so I think you gotta show them a little bit of respect, man. They got these shitty jobs, they don’t get to fuck none of the bad bitches, man. They be hating, man, so just show them a little respect and think of that sometimes.”


Elsewhere in the conversation, Lil Bibby weighed in on the widely-discussed notion of police officers wearing body cameras.

“I don’t know, man, these cops, they got so much shit up they sleeve they probably know how to put a mute button on that muthafucka and do they thing [laughs],” he says. “So I don’t know, man, ain’t no telling what they got going.”

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