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Oct. 6, 2015


The year is 2015 and Stephon Marbury is taking jabs at Michael Jeffrey Jordan on a social media platform, while simultaneously promoting the re-release of his $15 Starbury sneakers.

What a time.


The Coney Island Kid, who is still playing ball in China, also had some thoughts about LeBron James during his recent twitter rant. In short: he's a follower. It all started when Marbury started interacting with his followers on Twitter, some of whom were trashing his $15 kicks and some who were applauding his rebirth.


Before long, he was taking shots at MJ saying that he's greedy, only cares about what he did to Byron Russell, and that he's 'robbing the hood.'

Yes, both kicks are made for THE LOW in China but what Starbury fails to acknowledge is the nostalgia that a lot of sneaker consumers have for those highly priced Air Jordans.


People are willing to pay extra for the 'Last Shot' Air Jordan XIV because of what MJ did to Byron Russell in those shoes. People will hand over $200+ for the '72-10' Air Jordan 11 because they represent the greatest NBA season of all-time, the same way they'll shell out $400 for Stephen Curry's Under Armour 'Championship Pack,' because it signifies Steph's greatest season to date.


Bottom line: that hefty price tag is worth the meaning behind the sneaker for some people. Nobody remembers that pair of Starbury's that Stephon was wearing when he picked up that epic technical foul during the Knicks' 23-59 season in 2007.