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Oct. 15, 2015


Kobe Bryant has recently found his way to twitter, to address critics who have questioned his support for former LA Lakers teammate, Lamar Odom.

Earlier today TMZ had an opportunity to speak with Master P., during their conversation the New Orleans rapper was asked to offer his opinion about  Lamar Odom and those who have publicly showed their support.  



“The truth of the matter is there’s so many fake and phony people out here now, It goes to show when something happens to ya. Everybody’s his friend, everybody love ‘em. But was that true? I don’t think so. That’s like my wife and her lawyer sitting by my bedside if something happened to me. It ain’t real.”



During the conversation Master P. clearly states, he believes the support shown by Khole and the Kardashian famiy and former teammate Kobe Bryant is fake.   



“All this man wanted to do was play basketball. Kobe was his friend. Kobe like owned the team. He could have got the man back on the team. That’s all he wanted. And even on that situation, I think he was just searching for love. If you look at it, his biggest problem was where the people at who he showed love to? Cause he had a big heart…They should’ve been there, If you loved him.”