Nov. 10, 2015


Mike Tyson endorses Donald Trump...smh. Many of Tyson fans are lost for words, surprised by the latest news of the former champ supporting Donald Trump. He has also ran to Trump’s defense in regards to his statements about Mexicans and claims of the billionaire being racist. Many African Americans have expressed their disappointment in Iron Mike over social media due to his political ties with Donald Trump.


Former champion boxer Mike Tyson has officially endorsed billionaire Donald Trump for the next president of the United States. He made the announcement recently during an interview with the Huffington Post. “Let’s try something new,” Tyson said. “Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job.”


Tyson even defended Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants. He commented, “He didn’t know how to say it. It was really crude, and he needs somebody to work with him on how to deliver his messages and stuff. But as far as what he did, he’s an average guy like everybody else. He needs time to grow too. I don’t think he thinks of Latinos in that way.”


Regarding democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Tyson said he doesn’t support them, and then quickly reiterated his endorsement for Trump. He said the polls indicate that most Americans want Trump in the White House.


Do they even know each other?


Actually, they do. Way back in 1988, Trump promoted Tyson’s title fight against Michael Spinks in Atlantic City, and the fight itself was even held at Trump Plaza (one of Trump’s casinos). Although the fight lasted less than two minutes, before Tyson knocked out Spinks, it is still regarded as the highest-grossing boxing match in history. Ironically in the past, Donald Trump has also endorsed Mike Tyson.