July 13, 2015


Whenever America explore the history on racism, nine time out of ten, the discussion will focus around the African American experience. The topic of racism is at an all-time high, due to the number of racial attacks on Black America. Frustration, fear, anger and hatred are words that describe emotions felt by African Americans. For many young black men and women racial profiling, decimation are things they must battle on the daily basis. As America try to find new ways of addressing these issues, MTV has taken the conversation to the next level.


The music network place to introduce show on racism from the prospective of young White America; the documentary will be titled "White People". The country is moving in a direction that has divided the American People. The topics of Police brutality, immigration and racially motivated hate crimes has caused us to stand against one another versus the idea of standing together. The documentary will offer the views from young Caucasian men and women of their outlook and experience with racism and also their thoughts on their racial identity in America. Many are on edge and eager to see the reaction of views once the show airs July 22nd.