4 charged in fatal shooting of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, policemen

May 11, 2015


It started as a traffic stop and ended in a hail of gunfire. Now two police officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, are dead, four suspects are facing charges and a community is mourning. Officers Benjamin Deen, 34, and Liquori, Tate, 24 were making a traffic stop Saturday evening when they were shot, Mayor Johnny DuPree said. They were taken to a hospital, but did not survive.Authorities accuse the suspects of fleeing the crime scene, allegedly stealing a police cruiser and using it as a getaway car. Joanie Calloway, 22, was charged with two counts of capital murder, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said Sunday.

Marvin Banks, 29, also faces two counts of capital murder, along with counts of grand theft auto and felon in possession of a firearm. Police charged his brother, Curtis Banks, with two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder, the agency said. And a fourth suspect, Cornelius Clark, was charged with obstruction of justice Sunday, the mayor's office said.As deputies escorted him into a police station Sunday, Curtis Banks wailed and repeated "I didn't do it." 


April 24th, 2015


Protesters march throughout the streets of Baltimore, in remembrance of Freddie Gray, but many are outraged from remarks made by police comparing their peaceful protest to a “lynch mob.” The statements given by the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 has pushed both the citizen and police further apart.


According to CNN: The F.O.P. believes “the images seen on television look and sound much like a lynch mob in that they are calling for the immediate imprisonment of these officers without them ever receiving the due process that is the constitutional right of every citizen, including law enforcement officers.”


The F.O.P. received much criticism for the comparison. For many African Americans the term lynch mob brings back dark memories of a time in U.S. history when equal rights was something unknown to black people. When a lynching took place, a group of people would watch and/or participate in the hanging of another individual. There are many who believe the country is still in a state of recovery from that point in time and for a statement to be made, comparing the protesters to a lynch mobs has only resurfaced America’s hidden racial scares.


The choice of words used by the F.O.P. has offered fuel to an already on edge group of people, who is only demanding justice. CNN reports state Gray died Sunday, one week after he was arrested by Baltimore police.

At some point, he suffered a severe spinal cord injury. His family said his voice box was crushed and his neck snapped before he slipped into a coma and later died.


While Baltimore police say five of the six officers involved in the arrest have provided statements to investigators, the department has not released details of what the officers said or how Gray might have suffered the fatal injury.

“The Baltimore police department has shown a history of police misconduct” says Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawling-Blake.  Records offered by The Baltimore Sun report over the course of 4 years, $5 million was paid out as a way to settle police brutality cases.


April 6th, 2015


Human trafficking is an industry that generates $150 Billion per year. Since 2010 there’s been reports of over 215 million children kidnapped or sold by their parents and placed into slave camps through the use of violence and mental abuse so they can be exploited for sex or labour. Some of the children come from the poorest parts of  India, Pakistan, Philippines and parts of West Africa. Organizations have been put in place to raise awareness and to stand up against human trafficking.


Checkout: www.notforsalecampaign.org or traffickingresourcecenter.org


Last November, Rolling Stone magazine published a story "A Rape on Campus". The article focused on a young woman only known as "Jackie" who accused a group of male students at the University of Virginia of rape. But after an independant investigation preformed by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, there was no evidence found to support the story printed by the magazine.

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