By: Robert L. Porter Jr


The Talent Pool in Philadelphia, Pa. can not be denied. Whether its music, television or movies there is a Philadelphia connection in most of modern entertainment. Danny Garcia (Boxing), Kyle Lowery (Basketball), Brent Grimes (Football), Meek Mill (Music), Lee Daniels (Television) and so many more. The Music industry itself has heavy roots on the East Coast and Philadelphia is no exception. With the state of music today in a iffy place, we are going to highlight a few up and coming Philadelphia musicians to keep an eye on.



KYRI BOWIE - 23 years old. FLACKO is a singer/rapper/singwriter that has established himself as one of Philadelphia's top up and comers. He has made his mark with his self titled mix-tape and countless tracks. In a sit down interview FLACKO stated: " My music is my life. I put my life into these tracks, every word is me." His mix-tape is golden from beginning to end.

Notable songs: "Drought" and "Belligerent"

2700 Noon


Dyronne McCray - 18 years old. This multi talented singer/rapper is the youngest of our 3 artist but the ability he possess can't be denied. With energy to burn and a can't miss, catchy sound. This kid is destined to do big things at a young age. NOON said " the music i make is to get people up and moving." NOON did just that at a recent performance.

Notable songs: "The Code" and "Ginobili"



PAUL SAUNDERS - 20 years old. PASOS is an artist that is slight in build but the feeling and heart he puts into his lyrics is 2nd to none. When asked how his music is to be received his response was. "My music is for everyone in the hood that knows what the struggle is all about." His ability to move the crowd is evident and his delivery is top notch.


Notable songs: "Trap House" and "Money"

These 3 talented young men graced the stage of Voltage Lounge on April 5th along with: The Rawsteins, GC the Rapper, EBangaz_9set and D-Jones. After being in attendance i can say the lyrics, look and stage presence of these youngsters make it obvious that the Philadelphia Music Scene is in good hands.