August  25, 2015


Former G-Unit President, Sha Money strikes back at 50 cent. Within a video on the mobile app “HangWIth” the G-Unit captain questioned Sha Money’s street credibility and also shared of story of Sha getting robbed inside a local New York barber shop. 50 also stated the bad business deals made by Sha Money was the cause of him getting fired from G-Unit. Using social media to share his side of the story, Sha Money responded to the video through twitter.  

"Why are we talking about me instead of good music? Where the hits at? I've been consistent since I left. Who wants to be partners with him? They all fall out eventually so let's talk facts not lies. F*** you pay me. where all your partners@ ?" He continues by calling 50 helpless and cheap, claiming he is a poor business man. Another entertaining 50 war...smh check-out 50 cent’s video response.