Sept. 22, 2015



Story Published by: Allhiphop.com


It would seem like common sense for someone not to flash firearms in a residential area while shooting a music video, but that was not the case for a group of aspiring rappers in Detroit. Police arrested four teenagers after residents in the neighborhood witnessed the group carrying an assault rifle and three handguns with extended magazines.

“They were shooting a video, enjoying themselves, and then the police came,” said witness Wayne Carter. “Everybody got guns. I gotta a gun.

Photo From: Allhiphop.com

Who doesn’t have guns?” The four individuals taken into custody ranged in ages from 16 to 19. According to police, one suspect shot at an officer as he attempted to flee the scene. No one was injured. The suspects are expected to be arraigned this week. This is not the first time rappers were arrested for using real weapons during a music video. Suspected Blood gang members in New Jersey met the same fate in June when they posted a video to YouTube brandishing guns.